Yellow City Design Collective

It's Time, Amarillo

Yellow City Design Collective was conceived as a group of graphic designers, artists, developers and others passionate about communication.

The point of the group is to meet, hang out, have drinks and create with other designers & artists without having to drive to Dallas. YCDC has no ambition to replace established design groups such as DSVC (because that would just be silly), but rather is meant to keep designers in our region engaged and active within our community.

The foremost outward goal of the group is to show the value of quality design & communication through example. We will produce work of merit, that work will help people and companies thrive, and ultimately this will solidify the truth that design does in fact matter to everyone. A lofty goal, but that’s the only type of goal that is worth having.

And who knows; perhaps some talented individuals will come out of the woodwork and join our numbers. It has been shown time and again that community leads to creativity. So let’s do this.

Sound like your kind of thing?

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